Year 7 Parents Evening - 14th June 5pm-7pm

Bishop Primary Business Champions

May 2018


The Crafty Crew from St Anne's Primary School were the overall competition winners. From left: Hannah N, Myrren S, Poppy D, Lily D, Sam W and Charlie P.

At the beginning of the year, our Business Studies Department launched and exciting project which allowed primary school children to learn about building a successful business through a range of creative challenges.

A number of local schools accepted our invitation to take part, including Oakely Cross, St Andrews, Victoria Lane, St Annes and Prince Bishops. At the launch event, young entrepreneurs working in teams of six, formed mini companies and developed a business idea which they could run in their own school over a period of five months. This first session included a number of team building activities and educational tasks designed to help build skills in aspects of business such as budgeting, presentation and management.

At a second session, teams presented a business plan and designed a logo and a variety of promotional items for their company. They were then given £10 as an initial investment before returning to their schools to launch and run their enterprise.

This month, teams returned for the final challenge to deliver a presentation on the skills they had learned, the success of their business and the profit they had made. The winning team were "Crafty Crew' from St Anne's, who had produced and sold hand-made gifts for Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter, making an impressive £222.22 profit. They will be spending this on developing a new school reading area and they have also adopted an elephant.