Celebrating Great GCSE Results

August 2018


Some of our high achievers from left: Callum J, Kyle B, Josh S, Marshal G, Leon D, Nicole H and Abbi S.

Well done to our fantastic GCSE students who managed to achieve another excellent set of results this year.

As well as seeing further improvements in English and Mathematics outcomes we have also seen a significant improvement across a broad range of Humanities subjects including Science, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages.

In many of our subjects all of the students have achieved a Grade 4 or higher (Grade C+); these subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Art & Design-Fine Art, French, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Photography, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Statistics, Business Studies, Health & Social Care, Music, Travel & Tourism and Food & Cookery.

This year our students have completed many new-style GCSE examinations for the first time, across a range of subjects. Despite the fact that coursework has been removed from the majority of subjects and the level of challenge has been increased, our students have responded positively and are now celebrating their success.

Well done to the following elite group of students who achieved an enviable set of results including a significant number of results at grade 7 to 9 (five or more 7-9 / A and A* grades): Abbi S and Nicole H, who both achieved nine, Olivia B, Kyle B, Leon D, Marshall G, Callum J, Samantha S and Lucy T.

A special tribute should also be paid to Aleena S who we anticipate achieving a higher value-added score than any other Year 11 student, highlighting her hard work and the significant progress that she has made throughout her time at King James.

Thank you to all of our parents and to the dedicated staff who have supported our students, and the school, for many years. Well done to our students who worked tirelessly to achieve their success. Whether they are continuing in our Sixth Form, or are moving elsewhere, we hope that they continue their winning ways and enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous future.

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