KJ Linked - Issue 21

February 2021


Issue 21 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected

Welcome to Issue 21 of KJ Linked, our lockdown newsletter produced to help our school community stay connected during school closure.

We have completed four weeks of lockdown learning so far and parents and students are really making an amazing effort with their remote

education. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

We know how hard it can be to work in a different environment when you are used to being in a classroom, and it’s the same for teachers too.

Everyone likes to settle into a routine and so we know that working from home during a lockdown is really tough, especially with dark mornings

and evenings, snow and floods!

It’s important that we all keep going though, and stick to the rules so that we can get control of the virus and get more people vaccinated so the

summer months can be enjoyed by everyone. Hopefully reading Linked gives you a bit of a boost each week?!

It’s great to see that students on average are submitting more pieces of work now than in the first lockdown, and it’s especially important for year 11 and 13 because what you complete now will contribute to your final grade in the summer. Hopefully, after half term we will have a clearer idea of how grades will be awarded, but it’s vital that we have evidence of your work.

Stay safe, follow the rules and we’ll see each other soon!

Mr Whitehead, Headteacher

Issue 21 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected