Remote Learning - Morning Registration Form

All Students must fill in this registration form every morning when remote learning BEFORE the following times:

  • Year 7 & Year 9: 8:50am
  • Year 8 & Year 10: 9:50am
  • Year 11: 9:40am
  • Sixth Form: 9:30am
  • Please note you must be logged in to your academy Google account to access this form. For example, on your Chromebook.

    Register Attendance

Virtual Assemblies - Every Monday - 10am.

Assemblies start on Monday 1st of February at 10am. Join your Tutor Group Google Classroom for a Live Assembly. This will replace your normal 10am lesson. Make sure you attend to support you further with your online learning and important information from your tutor. Tutors are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

KJ Linked 24

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KJ Linked - Issue 20

January 2021


Issue 20 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected

Welcome to Issue 20 of KJ Linked, the newsletter which helps us stay connected during lockdown.

We have now completed our third week of virtual learning and our students have completed a survey to find out about their learning experiences. They said they have really enjoyed the variety of lessons which include live as well as pre-recorded lessons and a host of interactive activities which are engaging and fun.

Certificates have been awarded this week to students who have worked hard to submit all their work on time and to a good standard. New praise points have also been introduced with teachers now able to award points for handing in work, and further points

for attending live lessons. This could mean up to six points from each teacher each week so they are really worth working towards.

This issue has some amazing examples of what you have all been up to. There are so many excellent pieces of work and we are so proud of the positivity you show towards your

work. Remember that it is important to look after your mental health so take time out to relax, keep to a routine and sleep pattern, drink plenty of water and eat your five a day to keep you hydrated and healthy. You can email your teachers or Head of Year if you need support; we are all here to help.

As we are all on screens most of the day our front page activities will inspire you to get off your screens and try something different. Take care and see you soon!

Mrs Aitkin

Issue 20 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected