Mr Elliott - Brazil Blog Week 2

November 2014

Mr Elliott - Brazil Blog Week 2

I am settling into a routine now of writing, reading and a little exercising!! It is difficult to believe you have the freedom to do the things you want to do. When you do have the freedom it’s hard to know what to do? It can be very easy to do nothing at all. Therefore I am learning a new kind of discipline.

I am most happy with the start of the new play. The intention for this play is for a new adult BATH group of ex-members. That is a lot of people and how we decide who plays who and how this would work I don’t know? I just need to write the play first. It’s about a useless Sunday league football team. The characters are still coming alive at my finger-tips, but at the moment it will definitely be for an older audience. For ages, ex BATH people ask me when will I do something for them? Next year could be a great time to start such a venture, especially with the new theatre at King James and an excellent relationship with Bishop Auckland Town Hall.

The book is a different story. It is not the writing of the story I find difficult, but the style and form. I have never written a book before and need to make sure that the format suits the story. This I find difficult but must just persevere at it. The blogs I thoroughly enjoy writing and always manage to forget to put something in!!!!

The exercise…. Okay I am impatient and want to see immediate results. This is not realistic after a life of junk food and takeaway. I am noticing a difference with what I am eating? I feel more energetic and less hungry. I like some of the new foods I have tried and especially the natural yoghurt Ana Paula and her mother make. It helps that I am not preparing anything for myself! Once again I must find the discipline to eat right. But I am willing to try any food and have cut all sugared drinks out of my diet. Once again I like the natural fruit drinks that are made often here in the house.

Last night a huge storm swept across the town. First you felt the wind and then you saw the red dust cloud. Then the thunder and lightning. It feels quite exciting although the next day the pool is full of debris from the fields and every dead insect you can imagine. There are enough insects here to make ten versions of ‘It’s a Bugs Life!’ Honestly if you are nervous about insects of every form and colour and size, don’t come to Navirai. Not to mention the tarantula type spider I saw on my walk yesterday. It was dead and being carried away by the ants. Waste not want not!!!! There was also the frog sat outside of our house. This frog looked like it had just eaten a child! I have never seen such a big frog (sapo in Portugese!). Finally I am not keen on birds, but was amazed by the owl that landed 2 metres away from me during my walk. It was midday and mid twenty degrees, not when you expect to see an owl? It seemed totally unfazed by me and just sat there as I walked passed. I suppose when you have quality time on your hands you notice things that you wouldn’t normally.

- Two days later �“ okay last night I met the butterfly from hell! Personally I would have it sign up to the Eagle family. It flapped round the living room like some monster from an old horror movie!!!!!! Not impressed! Two final things for this week. I love the young people’s group I work with at church. There were 13 of them this week and they love all the old BATH games. They are great to break down barriers, especially language. On Wednesday I will start English classes with them. Everyone is keen to learn English!!! I am going to do it by listening to music first and then go from there.

- Finally today I visited the poorer part of Navirai. It’s not a favela. It’s just where help is needed. There is such a huge difference between where I am living and this part of the town.

King James I Academy, South Church Road, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL14 7JZ