Mr Elliott - Brazil Blog Week 1

November 2014

Mr Elliott - Brazil Blog Week 1

One week ago I was somewhere in the air between Paris and São Paulo. Between that time and being sat here in Navirai, so much has happened and to use an old cliché, 'I don't know where to start?'.....

I could start with the 11 hour flight squashed between two blokes who didn't understand personal space? Or the rush across São Paulo airport to catch my flight to Maringa! Then there was the time with Mae and Pae (Ana Paula's parents) in Maringa where I was spoilt ridiculously! I could tell you that I have had to learn some Portuguese very quickly to be able to communicate with 6 year old Ana Luisa, who totally bosses me around! I could tell you about the horrendous roads from Maringa to Navirai, combined with torrential rain and forked lightning. Or the Parana River which is the biggest river I have ever seen. I could say about Eduardo,s ability to cook steak, ....flipping marvellous. Or the very lovely swimming pool outside my door, or the ‘all you can eat’ Chinese that was just the best, or the bizarre cowboy parade through the town, or church, or how the houses are so different, or how it is too hot, or my weight loss ( which would be a lie!) or the parrots in the garden or how I have written 17 pages of a new play or how this can't seriously be November as it is light to eight o clock, or how I walked into a glass door thinking it was open!!!!

I really don't know what to say... So all I will tell you is I am here, I am well, I miss you all but I am having an experience I could never thought I could have at 47 years old!



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