Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 07

April 2014

Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 07

Everybody should have a Desland in their life. Head Teacher of Hoolebury Primary and a gem of a man. Strong of faith, full of laughter, a people person . . . I could go on and on. When I am with Desland the world seems fine. I feel better about everything. His students love him and his school has a wonderful feel to it. Once again football coaching, games, focus and dance filled our world. Carl and Daniel related their coaching strategies to the football match itself. Simple teaching and learning at the highest level from a 15 and a 16 year old. Our group have progressed in their teaching. Everyone confident in their role and their skills. The dancers included Dontae. We danced with him last year. 11 years old now he led with energy and commitment and a smile. If he got a move wrong it didn’t matter as he engaged his audience. Dontae and Conner Mc fronted the pieces with ease. BATH could do with a Dontae. He would be a great role model. To be honest Dariel, Shanikee, Jullaine, Derron, Shanoya, Jaylon, Andeani, Dominique and Ramesh all won the hearts of their partners. The whole day was a little taste of paradise enjoyed by all of us and sad that the teaching in the schools is now over.

It’s 9:30pm and the group are working on a lights dance for our next show in July. There is a great sense of team right now and all the choreography is theirs. Tomorrow is a rest day and we are all dreading the come down a little. However, one thing we are focused on is bringing some Jamaicans in September. We have already received support and this is humbling. As many of you said . . . this project cannot end. That has been the overwhelming message from all of you! We absolutely love the responses by email / on Facebook. We read them together each day and they give us energy. So for now, goodnight. There are many thoughts to be shared still and by the way, this lights dance is looking good!!

Much friendship,


Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 7

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