Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 06

April 2014

Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 06

Sorry there was no blog last night. We were out all day and then practically straight to the MBBGC. We didn’t get back till 10:30pm. After a couple of emotional trauma’s it was midnight and I need more than my fair share of beauty sleep! We are now on the road to Hoolebury Primary so I thought I would catch up on my writing . . .

Yesterday was beautiful, sad and political . . . I will cover all three titles:

Beautiful - our day at Priory Primary was simply stunning. We taught every single class in a school of nearly 800 children: football coaching, dance, games, focus exercises and drama. The group did this effortlessly. But then Priory has an excellent Head Teacher in Duen Lindsay. A friendly and warm staff team who totally embraced everything. Then students who wanted to learn. I wish we’d had more resources to give out. It was just a happy day. Followed by a sensational evening at MBBGC. They fed us with Ackee and Saltfish, Rice & Peas, Jerk Chicken. then the dancing, the conversation, children chasing each other with finger lights. It just feels so good at the club. A friendship built up over seven years. Thank you Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club!

Sad - we don’t have the money to bring 4 or 5 Jamaican’s to England in September. I need a miracle and about 4 grand to keep this going somehow? The difference it makes both ways. Can we afford to end it? Javon and Piglet are two quiet Jamaicans until they dance. We need their dance. It is inspirational. I live in hope. Shann is a great girl who would inspire our girls. Brandon and Norman bring the place alive. Antsman . . . I could go on and on. I live in hope. I also would like to bring the Head Teachers again plus Ms Brown from the Pre-School. I hope and I wish and I pray.

Political - A primary and infant school in Jamaica receives approximately £5 per YEAR per child. How can you do anything with that? Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating! Ordinary Jamaicans deserve better


After a fantastic cruise down the Martha Brae river, we followed that by taking on a new adventure today. As we visited Priory Infant and Primary School for the very first time. Here we were welcomed by Duen, a familiar face, who was full of smiles and praise! We can’t put into words how impressed we were,by how polite, grateful and all round outstanding the children at the school were. We played games, danced, played football and exchanged pen-pal letters, which showed the diversity and intelligence the children held.

Tonight we dined at Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club. There was dancing all round even for us 'two left feet’s! Tonight helped us to see how 7 years of friendship have developed through the project and the difference it has made to our school and lives. There are so many people we would love to share this experience with but for now have this blog!

Lots of Love

Poppy, Lauren & Bradley

There are lots of new videos and photographs from Priory School uploaded on Facebook

Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 6

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