Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 05

April 2014

Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 05

A gentle drift down the Martha Brae on a raft and a wander around Falmouth market was just what the doctor ordered. We are tired. You can’t expect anything else what with the heat and the schedule. At the same time the group are ‘getting’ Jamaica. They are gaining understanding. They are learning quickly. Tomorrow we are back in the schools, but today was about remembering those who couldn’t be with us. Those who support us every step of the way and will be absorbing every word, photograph and video.

Pam Norman, I missed you today.

Rasta Alice and the Cougar, your ghosts still walk the villa

Jake the Snake, Danny, Mark Ross, Todd, Ross, Sean and Kathryn we miss you.

My Mam and Jo’s Mam. The two mothers of BATH who keep us going and ask little in return.

Pam Kirkup, Suzy, Angela J, Vicky, Dave Merryweather our unending support.

Callum Williams, Kyle Murgatroyd, Matthew Saunders, Gill Keeler, Joanne Welch, Jane Richardson and Tasha . . . people who should or could have been with us.

BATH members who read the words

BubbleBATH who hope it is them one day

Nick Grieveson and Simon Whitehead who have both made this trip before and would always be welcome.

I wish Dave Shearer was here simply as my friend.

The Newton sisters, all past participants.

And most of all my friend Pam Murg.

Today we think of you and wish you were here.

My Form class 10SE and my two nieces Niamh and Emelia.

Tonight we have been at the boys and girls club. Seven years of building friendships means good times. Everything so relaxed, everyone so welcome, I love being at the club on nights like tonight, it’s easy and good for the soul. Our group got to take part in band marching practice and indoor relay (see our videos on Facebook: BATH Drama). We wandered wherever we wanted. Good conversation filled the space. They understand us and we understand them. Long may this friendship continue. Thank you Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club for your respect and friendship . . . it means a lot.



Guest Blog:

Hi from JamEngland Karen or Aunty Karen, the

name given to me by the wonderful Mrs Brown (Principal of the Brightly Beam Pre-School). On Tuesday entering the room with a group of talented BATH people we were greeted by smiles that could light up a room! Clapping that sounded like thunder and little children eager to learn.

Firstly ‘Dough Disco’ a fun session to strengthen young children’s hands. WOW!! Was I impressed. Next number rhymes and the pre-school children impressing with their counting past 20 then, outside for balloon and bubble fun. Children running around with excitement! Mrs Brown couldn’t thank us enough for the gifts we had given and taking time to have great fun with the children in her care but the thank you needed to be given for allowing us to spend time with some wonderful children and people in Brightly Beam Pre-School. ONE LOVE!

JamEngland Aunty Karen

Group thoughts:

Connor Mc: To see the excitement of all these young children to seeing us was heart warming.

The hugs, high fives and smiles never to forget.

Isha: the small cost of bubbles created the priceless atmosphere of laughter and fun.

Ashley: I never knew one balloon to play with could contribute to one child’s happiness, it was stunning to see!

Zak: obviously the children were the highlight of my visit however, it was the look of the teachers that inspired me most, the look of genuine hope glistening in their eyes and a belief that no matter what these children loved, succeed in all they do, and this is what Jamaica Difference is all about.

Bradley: Today was one of my favourite days! It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not just on this trip but in my life, the fact that such simple things such as bubbles and balloons make the children so happy! Seeing the children happy and smile made me proud and gave me skills I can use in the future.

Whitney: Today was a memory that I will treasure forever. Seeing the young children smile as soon as we walked in lit up my heart. It was an experience that was both life changing and emotional. The events of today are the reason why the project can’t stop; Jamaica Difference is about changing lives and that’s what we are doing.

Leon: Confidence and friendliness screamed out at me at first as I walked into the doorway. Getting greeted with waves and smiles. Feeling accepted my self belief went sky high. So easy to work with and a delight to teach. Loved every minute.

Carl: When I entered Brightly Beam Pre-school children were shouting, screaming and waving with big smiles on their faces. It was a pleasure working with the children, was lovely seeing them happy and loved every second.

Poppy: I had the time of my life working with the pre-school and I can honestly say so far that’s my favourite moment of the trip. Just watching those smiley faces enjoy every game, dance and activity made the tiredness we were all feeling worthwhile.

Caitlin: for me the pre-school has been my favourite part of the trip, spending time with children from the age of 3 to 5 years old made me do nothing but smile constantly. It surprised me the ability each child had to be able to count and sing songs at age 3.

Cara: Working in the pre-school was such a beautiful experience. To see how happy the children were made me so happy. Who knew little things like bubbles, skipping ropes and balloons could make someone so happy? I certainly didn’t.

Meghan: walking into the pre-school for the first time gave me one of the greatest feelings as they immediately wanted high fives and cuddles. They responded so well to our games and counting. It surprised but impressed me so much. It made me feel most happy when they reacted with so much excitement to the balloons an bubbles. Their little smiles truly made my day.

Conner R: Working with the pre-school children was a great experience. I was so impressed when they listened to our instructions. Their excitement made me so happy.

Tyler T: I enjoyed working with the pre-school children. It was an amazing experience and helpful for my future. I loved recording and watching everyone else.

Robyn: The pre-school was amazing, children were a pleasure to work with, it was all so great watching others working with the kids.

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