Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 04

April 2014

Jamaica Difference 2014 - Day 04

A moment. A very important moment. When we presented Ms Brown with the money toward the cost of the BATHroom, her sheer delight was heart warming. She was genuinely moved . . . and so were we. Thank you Victoria Lane Academy, Coundon and Bishop Auckland Methodist Church for making it happen. Without your thought and support I wouldn't have witnessed that moment. This is a lady with a genuine passions for her pre-school and her faith. Thank you BATH and King James for your contributions that allowed to day to happen. It takes a community for moments like this to come together. We painted the undercoat for over 4 hours! That’s because there is an outside wall on the inside that is desperate to paint over. All nooks and crannies, and bobbles and awkwardness. It’s also because we were chaotically organised!! But grim determination from the likes of Robyn, Bethany, Conner Rich, Lauren and Carl saw the wall conquered! Joanne was contained in the staff toilet. Caitlin the boys toilet and Meghan the girls. Isha, Cara and Amy and myself did our bit supported by Andre and Collin. We still have the colour to apply; a blue, pink, orange, green or yellow!! But not on the obstinate badly behaved wall! This is white and will stay white. We sang a lot. We sweated buckets. We laughed a lot and lost the plot at times. If you look at the video we got as much on ourselves as the walls!!! But for that moment - for that single moment of gratitude or warmth or understanding, we are very grateful.

Money can never be the greatest factor. It certainly wasn’t today. It was our time together feeling useful and worthwhile, some brilliant banter and that moment with Ms Brown, when for the children in her care, she just knew this BATHroom made a little difference. I can never paint walls for a living but I can paint pictures. Normally my work can be colourful and fill a story. Today’s picture was simple but effective and was thanks to the community of Bishop Auckland 2014.



Guest Blog:

From what you are about to hear we have had a pretty hectic schedule so hopefully you will be understanding of why this blog is so late. Let’s start with yesterday, a very challenging but yet amazing experience for us all as it was our first day of work at Runaway Bay All Age School. From Stephen’s blog, photographs and videos you can see the chaotic but beautiful atmosphere that had a massive impact on each and every on of us. Although exhausted our journey progressed to Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club where we were welcomed by old friends and some new faces too. The night started with dance as both groups, us and them, showed our talents and how both have developed over the year. The creativity impressed and mesmerised the group. Mash Up de Dance lit up their world . . . literally! We then experienced a Jamaican tradition that we are very familiar with but never get tired of, the good old Montego Bay Boys & Girls Club Marching Band.

Today we awoke from a well needed sleep and the positive attitude of the group kept on rising, as people played football and in the pool. All bonding as a group but in different ways, which is key to surviving here in Jamaica. Today was slightly different as we broke off into smaller groups. The first group working with the lively pre-school with dancing, games and smiles all round. While the group supposedly painted the BATHroom, however most of the group came out with more paint on them than what was on the walls! So overall these last few days have been hard work but yet rewarding. Tomorrow we hope to make a splash as we attempt to safely sail down the Martha Brae river.

Lots of love Poppy, Lauren & Bradley

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