‘The Secret’ Trip to Scotland

September 2016

‘The Secret’ Trip to Scotland

Year 8 student Daveylee D. is one of The Secret's cast members.

A number of our Drama students in Years 8 and 9 were recently surprised with a scenic trip to Scotland as part of their rehearsal progression for BATH’s (Bishop Auckland Theatre Hooligans) forthcoming play, ‘The Secret’.

The students and members of staff involved with the play were able to film particular scenes whilst they were in Scotland; this process enabled them to build upon strong team working skills and creative performance in an inspiring learning environment outside of school.

The Secret has been part of BATH’s diverse repertoire for over 16 years, however it has only been rehearsed and revealed to the school and members of the public four times. The play itself was originally written by Stephen Elliott, founder of BATH, for an all-male cast, however this year he has rewritten the production to incorporate a number of powerful female characters with varying backgrounds. Stephen said, “Although the play has been very well received in the past, I felt that an update to the character profiles was needed to offer an extra dimension that had not been seen before. We have a number of exceptional female performers here at King James and The Secret will allow them to fully demonstrate their talents.”

The play tells the story of ten young people who are sent to their school’s behaviour unit for a variety of misdemeanours; they all have troubled backgrounds that diversely affect their education and the production revolves around their journey of self-discovery. The Secret will be held at Bishop Auckland Town Hall on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October, tickets are available from the Town Hall.

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