Year 7 Parents Evening - 14th June 5pm-7pm

Young Writers competition published poets

April 2022


Tamzin and Cody's work was selected from over 5,000 entrants.

Two of our students, Tamzin I in Year 7, and Cody M in Year 9 have been selected from over 5,000 entrants to have their poems published as part of the Young Writers Competition.

Students entered the competition in their extra-curricular Creative Writing group, which is run by Miss Gowland. This after school activity offers a place where students can develop their creative writing skills, share their work with other aspiring writers and take part in national competitions for under 16s. One of these, The Young Writers competition for poetry under the theme of empowerment is a nationally recognised competition for 11 to 18 years olds. Tamzin and Cody will both have their poems published and their work will be included in the competition shortlist.

Miss Gowland said, "I am so proud of these students; they are amazing writers and I am so happy that they have been recognised for their talent."


By Tamzin Iley

Dear soul,

I see you walking, walking a path.

This path has many turns and bends, all leading to a different destination.

So far you have no destination.

You look around frustrated and tired, trying to find an answer, a goal.

Although instead, without knowing it, you are in a constant cycle.

In which you’ll be until you find a goal.

You eat,

You sleep,

You work,

And cry.

It’s ok, you are fine.

Everyone has a destination, it may just take a while for you to find yours.

You can get frustrated and get stressed,

Some see it as you being weak,

You’re not.

You’re simply a human being.

You are allowed to quit when things get hard.

You can run if you are afraid.

You can rest if you are tired.

You can complain if something is hard.

But never let someone make you feel insignificant.

Remember these words…

You are Human.