Languages students have penpals in France and Mexico

July 2021


Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, Miss Grand, with two of the participating students, Sophie and Oliver.

Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Langauges students have been taking part in an exciting penpal project with pupils in France and Mexico.

Teacher, Miss Grand, who is pictured here with participating students Sophie G and Oliver S, established a working partnership with teachers at Patria Nueva School in Mexico and College Francois Rabelais in France earlier in the year, and students have been corresponding via email and post. Students have shared information about their daily lives and their culture through letters and pictures, some of which are pictured here.

Miss Grand said, “Our students have really enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions about life for young people in another country. They have been really enthusiastic about the project and have put so much effort into the letters and pictures they have sent. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and the project will expand to include other countries too."