Students - Report Lateral Flow Test Results

Students can report their lateral flow test results on this banner. Students must be logged into their school google accounts for this to work.

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KJ Linked - Issue 15

July 2020


Issue 15 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected

Welcome to Issue 15 of KJ Linked. This will be our final newsletter as we have reached the end of the academic year and the summer holiday is upon us.

It is fair to say that it has been an extremely challenging four months for everyone, but we are incredibly proud of our students and would

like to thank them, and their families, for the resilience they have shown in continuing with their studies from home.

Alongside some suggestions for fun and relaxation, this issue focuses upon looking to the future and our return to school in September. Now that life is beginning to resume an element of normality, we can at last make plans for the next academic year and provide you with an idea of how it will work. You can read Mr Grieveson’s update on page 2. After months of confinement and working at home we will all need to adjust to a more structured day, so this issue also contains tips to help you get back on top form. As we approach the summer break, there is no better time to develop good habits that will improve our health and wellbeing.

We hope you have enjoyed reading KJ Linked and look forward to seeing you all in September. Until then, take care and stay well.

Issue 15 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected