Students - Report Lateral Flow Test Results

Students can report their lateral flow test results on this banner. Students must be logged into their school google accounts for this to work.

Report Test Result

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KJ Linked - Issue 14

July 2020


Issue 14 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected

Welcome to Issue 14 of KJ Linked. We hope you are all staying well and are appreciating the increased freedom that July 4th has brought us.

We are delighted at the number of students that have been engaging with our Live lessons in Google Meet in the past week, and the positive feedback we have received from students, parents and teachers. You can read more about this on page 3 but we can confirm that Live lessons will continue until the end of term. This week we are launching’ Amnesty Week’, an important initiative which is designed to encourage all of our students to log in to Class Charts and engage with online learning for the last two weeks of term. For those who have struggled to engage during isolation for whatever reason, this is the chance for a new start.

As is usual, this issue features ideas for family activities from art and crafts to science experiments. You can see current scores for our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ and take on the next challenges, and as the world celebrates Chocolate Day, you could try some of our delicious recipes.

Don’t forget to share your stories and photographs by emailing them to with consent from a parent or carer to publish. Until next week, stay productive and stay positive!

Issue 14 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected