King James on Ice!

May 2023


Around 15 students each week enjoy ice skating as an after school activity.

Students in Years 9 and 10 have been attending weekly Ice Skating lessons at Billingham Forum as an after-school activity.

Around 15 students each week attend skating sessions every Wednesday afternoon with Director of Learning for RE, Mrs Cross, who is a keen ice skater herself. Whilst most students signed up for the activity for fun, two students in Year 9 chose to learn to skate to fulfil the ‘new skill’ element of their bid to achieve the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students were involved in the Learn to Skate programme, which is based on the British Ice Skating Awards.

Although students had never tried skating before, they quickly learned how to stay upright and stop safely, alongside skating backwards and performing moves known as lemons! Participants have been fantastic and show great resilience.