RE study trip to Durham Cathedral

July 2022


Year 10 GCSE Religious Education students, have visited Durham Cathedral for a Q&A session with Canon Hampel, to support their studies.

Accompanied by Director of Learning for RE, Mrs Cross, and Teacher, Miss Wilkinson, the group of 60 students took a tour of the Cathedral to admire the magnificent architecture, and focus on the historic and religious significance of Durham Cathedral as a place of worship.

They learned about the observance of the Eucharist (Communion) Service to support their GCSE exams next summer, and took part in a candid Q&A session with Canon Hampel where they grilled him on the complexities of Christian faith. Students asked his opinion on the problem of evil, What is God like? How do you know God exists? and Is hell real? It was an honest, intelligent and respectful discussion, and students were impeccable and a real credit to their families and to the Academy. After the debate, the group paused for cake and personal reflection before travelling back to Bishop Auckland with spontaneous karaoke on the bus journey home; this was definitely a highlight!

This academic year, the department is hoping to give students the opportunity to take part in an educational trip to Krakow in Poland, with an excursion to the Aushwitz-Berkenau Memorial and Museum, and tours of the Jewish Quarter, Podg├│rze District and Old Town.