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Easter catch-up sessions for Year 11s

March 2021


We have organised a timetable of Easter learning sessions for Year 11 students to revise for forthcoming exams and to catch up on coursework.

As part of our support for Year 11s, we are continuing to hold catch up sessions after school and during the Easter holidays. We would like to remind you that the consultation about exams and assessments for Year 11s in summer 2021 stated that although formal exams will not proceed as in normal years, in May and June, the students will be assessed through smaller assessments and mini exams. These will take place predominantly in the Summer 1 term, and can run into early June to allow teachers to gather the necessary evidence for each student that will in turn, lead to their teacher assessed grade.

Students will need to be prepared for these assessments and revision is a key part of that preparation. Easter revision means we can use the time to conduct longer subject specific revision sessions for students to help prepare and revise. Students who have struggled to work independently at home can attend school for their sessions, as indicated by the timetable set out below, and with their teachers to catch up and revise.

Sessions will run twice a day:

• Session 1: 10:00am to 12pm

• Session 2: 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Where students need to access school transport, it will be provided and specific details will be relayed to you on your child’s acceptance to the sessions. Food will also be provided at lunch time for students staying to revise for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Please note that students must remain on site for the full session, and will not be allowed to leave the site should they be attending both a morning and afternoon session.

The sessions for your child to attend will be indicated on the timetable which you should have now received. We would be grateful if you could sign the return slip to Mrs Stead asap giving your permission for your child to attend each session and indicate whether your child will still need school transport for the sessions. (Where your child is only attending 1 session in a given day, they will be dropped off following that session).

Should you have any queries regarding this or anything else about Year 11 exams, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Stead, Assistant Headteacher and Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator.