Remote Learning - Morning Registration Form

All Students must fill in this registration form every morning when remote learning BEFORE the following times:

  • Year 7 & Year 9: 8:50am
  • Year 8 & Year 10: 9:50am
  • Year 11: 9:40am
  • Sixth Form: 9:30am
  • Please note you must be logged in to your academy Google account to access this form. For example, on your Chromebook.

    Register Attendance

Virtual Assemblies - Every Monday - 10am.

Assemblies start on Monday 1st of February at 10am. Join your Tutor Group Google Classroom for a Live Assembly. This will replace your normal 10am lesson. Make sure you attend to support you further with your online learning and important information from your tutor. Tutors are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

KJ Linked 24

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KJ Linked - Issue 22

February 2021


Issue 22 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected

Welcome to Issue 22 of KJ Linked, our lockdown newsletter produced to help our school community stay connected

during school closure.

This week is ‘Catch Up Week’ for all our students; giving you the opportunity to complete any work you haven’t managed to do during the term so far. I can’t stress how important it is for you to carry on working hard and submitting your work, so we know how you are progressing. For students who are up to date, then your teachers will be setting you some creative challenges to try and get you away from your computers for a while.

We’re conscious of the time you are spending looking at screens at the moment, so in this issue of Linked we have included a ‘Mindfulness Task’.

This simple activity is designed to promote positive mental wellbeing and will provide you with the opportunity to relax and take some

time out from learning. This is our last week before half term, so we’ll be producing a special edition of Linked, due out on Friday 12th, which will include some lockdown activities that you might like to try during the holidays to help you relax and try to forget the stresses of lockdown. There will be ideas for low cost, indoor and outdoor activities, as well as Mrs Lamb’s Pancake Challenge!

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

Mr Whitehead, Headteacher

Issue 22 of KJ Linked - Keeping Our Community Connected