Year 9s Create Literacy Garden

May 2018


Three of the gardening team on site, Daveylee D, Leo H and Liam M.

A group of Year 9 students have been working hard with English Teacher, Mrs Read to create a literacy-themed garden area at the rear of our school to celebrate our favourite books and to inspire reading for pleasure.

Mrs Read enlisted the support of an enthusiastic group of students who helped to come up with a creative design for the plot. It incorporates a seating area and a variety of plants, which will all have laminated quotes from favourite books attached to them. Students will also be decorating terracotta pots with quotes and planting these up too for some extra colour.

On the last day of term, Mrs Read took the group to Homebase Garden Centre to choose and buy plants for the project. Students then did an excellent job of placing them in their new home.

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