Great Success for Year 7 Nurture Group

December 2017


Our Year 7 Nurture Group with Mr Blackburn, Learning Support Assistant.

Building on the success of last years Year 7 Nurture Group, our new group of Year 7 students have been focusing on the book, ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams.

The story of Joe Spud and his Billions touches on many themes and issues that young people may encounter when starting secondary school; friendship, relationships and the fear of being bullied. Students enjoyed the book so much that they decided to read 'The Demon Dentist' as part of their reading enrichment programme. The group also took part in a Medieval Food Workshop at Durham Cathedral as part of their History curriculum and had an opportunity to visit Durham Christmas Market.

Our Nurture Group initiative, which was launched last year, has proven to be a great success; small groups of students stay with Miss Reynolds for English, Geography and History and this helps them to develop and embed essential literacy skills whilst also building confidence. Alongside Miss Reynolds, students are supported in lessons by Learning Support Assistant, Mr Blackburn, pictured here with the group.

Last year, students in the Nurture Group made excellent and rapid progress; the small group working environment proved to significantly help close the gaps some students may have on entering secondary school. Thanks to this, and the guidance of Mr Wheatley who plays a key role in supporting students in our Library, the group recorded an average improvement of 14 months with their reading age, which is an outstanding achievement.

Behaviour and attendance of students in the new group is also excellent due to close links with parents and tailored support for those who may have specific difficulties. Pastoral support has ensured that all students in the previous Nurture Group have made a successful transition into Year 8, and that all show continued good attendance and progress. The group achieved extremely well and so it is a hard act to follow for this year’s Nurture Group, however given the amazing work they have done so far, we are sure they will achieve even greater success.

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