Discovering Authentic Indian Cuisine

June 2015

Discovering Authentic Indian Cuisine

Year 8 students, pictured here with Mrs Babington, enjoyed a fantastic meal at Vujon Restaurant.

Food Technology students in Year 8 have enjoyed a visit to 'Vujon', one of the best restaurants in Newcastle, as part of their studies into multi-cultural cuisine.

In class, students had already explored and cooked a range of dishes that were representative of Italian, Asian and British cuisines. The majority of young people are accustomed to these flavours, however they are less familiar with those used in Indian cooking; for this reason, Mrs Babington, our Food Technology Teacher arranged for students to experience authentic Indian food in one of the most stylish restaurants in the region.

The visit to Vujon coincided with the religious festival of Ramadan, which meant that students were able to discuss the festival in context prior to the visit, including how it meant that all those working at the restaurant would not be allowed to eat until dusk. Students tasted a range of classic dishes including the delicious Indian dessert, ‘Kulfi’ in a feast which was as beautifully presented as it was flavourful. The manager of the restaurant also arranged a tour of the kitchen and one of the chefs demonstrated how to make naan bread, cooked in the Tandoor oven.

To complete the day, the group also visited The Discovery Museum, which is home to one of the finest collections of scientific and technical material in the UK.

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