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Sixth Formers Spend Halloween in York

October 2018


Photograph of the group taken inside York Dungeon.

On Halloween, Sixth Form students enjoyed a trip to the historic city of York as part of their Photography and Media Studies courses.

The group travelled by train to York, and on arrival they completed an exciting "selfie' photography challenge which involved navigating the city to take photographs at a number of the city's most famous landmarks. This was a great way to explore the city walls, cobbled streets and well-preserved architecture, and in the process, Photography students were able to gather material for their creative portfolio.

After lunch, the group visited the York Dungeon for a scary but fun experience that was particularly fitting of Halloween. They learned about the gory life of the Torturer, the Plague Doctor and the Executioner, heard about the Gunpowder Plot and even experienced the dock in the Courtroom.

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