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Summer Adventures for New Year 7s

July 2018


Students challenges themselves in a number of outdoor activities at Weardale Adventure Centre.

Over 70 of our new starters joined us at our Transition Summer School this year, spending two days in school before heading off for a free, three-day adventure holiday to Weardale Adventure Centre in Ireshopeburn.

Organised by our experienced Transition Team, days in school focused on fun, team building activities to help establish new friendships and promote independence. In teams, students learned how working together and supporting each other achieves the very best results; this is something that we encourage in all aspects of Academy life.

Following these two fun-packed days, students were more than ready to embrace the next transition opportunity at Weardale Adventure Centre. The centre offered the chance to try a range of outdoor activities including canoeing, climbing, high ropes and underground exploration in a safe, residential environment.

Activities were designed to both thrill and challenge our new starters, and it was excellent to see their level of confidence and self-esteem soar as they proved to themselves that they can achieve anything with a little courage and determination.

Year upon year, our Transition Programme has proved to be hugely successful. It begins with our No Wasted Weeks initiative, which sees new starters attend King James one day each week to experience lessons and accustom themselves to Academy routines. Next, three consecutive days in school allows students to meet their Tutor and Form Group; combined with our Summer School, this ensures that all new starters have plenty of friends and feel confident from day one.

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