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Nurturing a Love of Shakespeare

July 2018


Photo Caption: Nurture group from left James H, Daniel J, James I, Nicholas W, Kieron H and Callum B.

Our Year 8 Nurture Group has been studying Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare can be quite challenging but the group has been learning about the characters, themes and the historical context of the play through art, drama and music.

The group developed artwork on the characters Oberon, Titania and Bottom, pictured here; this allowed them to develop their creative skills alongside literacy and team working. Group projects such as this are an excellent way for students to build confidence and resilience, and this is particularly important for students in our Nurture Group.

The students have all said that the Shakespeare-themed activities have helped dramatically with their knowledge and their team working skills. Nicholas, who is one of the group members said, “I have loved everything about the Shakespeare project, and I know lots more about 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' now. This will really help me in my English lessons.

Article and photography by Year 12 student, Callum J

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