Capturing the Beauty of our Region in Photographs

June 2018


Students were able to see and capture the beauty in abandoned buildings in Newcastle.

A group of Sixth Form Photography students have been developing their creative portfolio on a multi-location trip around the North East.

Accompanied by Miss Lazenby and Mrs Barker, A’ Level Photographers travelled around Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Newcastle to capture the beauty of our diverse regional landscape and the many examples of both modern and historic architecture. They were also able to practice creative urban photography through a study of graffiti and derelict and abandoned buildings.

Each student returned to King James with a selection of photographs from Newcastle city centre, Newcastle Quayside, Blyth beach front and Tynemouth Priory, all of which will make excellent material for experimenting with photo-manipulation techniques. This trip, like the many field trips which take place throughout the year, was important for the group as it furthered their coursework whilst stimulating innovation by allowing them to fully explore and compare different themes and settings.

6th Form Photography Trip

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