Moving Forward with Social Media and Technology

May 2018


We are constantly looking at ways to improve communication with our students, parents and our community. Technology allows us to keep moving forward by developing new methods, such as our newly-launched Art and Photography Instagram, and our brand new ‘Parent App’, which is coming in September.

Our Art and Photography Department has created its very own Instagram account to showcase the amazing artwork of our creative students, some of which is pictured right. The social network means that teachers can instantly post photos and videos and these can be viewed by anyone with an Instagram or Facebook account; viewers can also follow the page and comment on what they see. With an estimated 800 million users, this is an excellent way to show how proud we are of our students and how talented they are.

The Instagram app can be downloaded onto any mobile device for free and like Facebook, you follow people in order to see their photographs in your feed; in this case you will follow kj1a_artphotodepartment rather than an individual person. You’ll need to sign up to begin, or log in with Facebook.

Our brand new ‘Parent App’, which will be officially launched in September, will allow all of our parents and carers to be more involved in their child’s education than ever before. Through the app they will be able to view timetables, attendance records, reward points earned, homework set in each subject, submission deadlines and comments from subject teachers and tutors. They will also be able to make sure that contact details are kept up-to-date and make any necessary changes with ease. We will provide further details in our next issue of Vision.

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