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COMING SOON! Holocaust Memorial Day Event

December 2017

COMING SOON! Holocaust Memorial Day Event

The Kindertransport rescue effort brought thousands of Jewish refugees to Britain to escape conflict.

In January, around 20 of our Religious Studies students in Year 9 will take part in the annual Holocaust Memorial Day Event at Durham Cathedral.

Students will take part in morning workshops exploring the historical and contemporary relevance of the Holocaust, alongside a memorial service for all of the victims.

There will also be an opportunity to hear the fascinating story of guest speaker, Ruth Barnett, who was born Ruth Michaelis in 1935 in Berlin, Germany. In 1939, aged four, Ruth and her seven year-old brother arrived in Britain on the Kindertransport, the rescue effort which brought thousands of Jewish refugees to Britain.

The event will help students with their current and future studies on war, prejudice and social injustice, crime and punishment, and the problem of evil.

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