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Reward Trip to see Sleeping Beauty

December 2018


Some of the group meet the cast of Sleeping Beauty after the performance.

A group of 15 students in Years 7-10 have been rewarded for their positive attitude and hard work with a trip to Bishop Auckland Town Hall to see Sleeping Beauty.

Students were specially selected by their teachers to attend the production for a variety of reasons; some had demonstrated excellent resilience in overcoming obstacles and some had made outstanding progress in their school work, but all were commended and thanked for the effort which they put into their lessons every day.

The show, which was presented by Talegate Theatre Company, saw the traditional story of Sleeping Beauty brought to life on stage with Prince Valentine defeating the evil fairy, Malevola to wake Sleeping Beauty with a kiss.

The fun-filled show was packed with songs, slapstick humour and opportunities for audience participation, alongside the fairytale atmosphere you would expect from a Christmas pantomime. Students enjoyed the afternoon enormously and they even had the opportunity to meet the cast afterwards.

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