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Movie Makers of the Future

December 2018


Year 13 Media students, Lewis W and Bethany L.

Sixth Form students in Year 13 have been making movies as part of their BTEC Level 3 qualification in Creative Media Production.

Their current unit of study, entitled Fictional Film Production, gives students the opportunity to develop skills in all aspects of film-making. As you would expect, they undertake all of the more obvious tasks such as developing a concept, writing a script, casting actors, sourcing costumes and locations and shooting footage; however students must also work through the crucial planning process and submit risk assessments, budget sheets, consent forms and booking forms, whilst ensuring that they comply with any regulations. This helps to give them a realistic insight into the complex but exciting film-making industry.

The group have developed some highly creative concepts, although it is interesting that horror and psychological thriller have turned out to be the genres of choice! From the chilling story of a serial killer who uses online dating sites to lure his victims to their death, to the ghostly tale of the caretaker who still walks the halls of Middle school!

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