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COMING SOON! Additional Catering Outlet

November 2018


An exciting new catering outlet will soon be coming to King James thanks to funding from the National Lottery. The project, which will offer an additional outlet for hot food at lunch time, will be brought to life in the form of a stylish wooden cabin, which will be similar in design to our brand new "Pavilion' building.

Led by Director of Learning for Food Technology, Mrs Lamb, the project will mainly be run by a team of Sixth Form Professional Cookery students. Not only will it give them the chance to develop practical catering and serving skills, but it will also allow them to understand the business side of running a catering establishment in terms of hygiene, food storage, stock taking, profit margins and supply and demand.

Emily H, one of the Level 3 students said, "It will be exciting to be able to apply the skills I have developed in my cooking lessons to a real-life situation. Serving the food will be a challenge, but it will be rewarding if students enjoy the meals we prepare."

Written by Year 12 student, Kyle B

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