Talent in Art and Photography

July 2018


Students often utilise digital technology to combine photography and hand-drawn art techniques.

Each year, students on our Art and Photography courses produce a diverse range of innovative pieces which demonstrate exceptional imagination and skill. This year was no exception.

GCSE and A’ Level students produced an array of creative pieces from traditional paintings, photographs and sculptures to expressive costume, digital manipulations and 3D installations.

The strength of the department is easy to see in the quality of the work produced. Students are encouraged to think outside of the box at all times and to look for the beauty which surrounds us every day. Their ideas often challenge people’s perceptions of life and their environment, and it is this which continues to impress examiners and reward students with consistently high grades.

This month, the department held its annual Art Exhibition to showcase the work of both GCSE and A’ Level students. The event also displayed the work of local Primary school pupils who had taken part in our outreach activities.

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