Head Boy and Girl Appointed Following Academy Election

July 2018


Candidates for Year 11 student leaders for 2018-19.

Our annual Academy Election event allows our students to select their own Year 11 Head Boy and Girl; student leaders for 2018-19 have now been appointed.

In preparation for the election, potential candidates, pictured here, prepared a manifesto and organised their own promotional campaign to rally support before speaking to their peers in our Main Hall. Speeches were also streamed live to classrooms to ensure that every year group could take part and make an informed decision before casting their vote.

Speakers were particularly impressive this year; their ideas for new initiatives which would improve student life were well thought out and presented with confidence and conviction.

Around 700 votes were cast and the winning candidates who will take up their positions as Head Boy and Head Girl for 2018-19 are Marshall W and Kaci S. Those appointed as Deputy Head Boy and Depuy Head Girl were Samuel H and Caitlin R. They will be supported by a team of Prefects in the coming year.

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