New Nurture Centre for September

May 2018


Artist's impression of the new Nurture Centre, which will contain three classrooms and independent facilities.

Three years ago we launched our ‘Nurture Programme’ to provide targeted, small-group learning for students who needed to boost their achievement and confidence levels.

The programme initially focused on Year 7 students and we celebrated the excellent progress made by the group in all areas of school life, from improved ability in all subjects to confidence in participating in a range of social activities. As a result of this success, and due to the increased numbers of young people joining King James in September, we have decided to expand our Nurture Group and have submitted plans for a new building to house a bespoke Nurture Centre.

Planning permission has been sought to erect a contemporary detached building with three classrooms and independent facilities. We are hopeful that the building will be part funded by Durham County Council and the DfE, and that it will be fully operational in time for the beginning of the new academic year in September 2018.

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