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Welcome to King James I Academy


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to find out about the exciting things that are happening at King James I Academy.

After excellent results in 2016 we are building upon our success in 2017.  Students and staff alike are working hard to ensure that our students achieve their best possible outcomes.

Our excellent teaching and support staff helped students to achieve a very pleasing Progress 8 score of +0.25 in August 2016 (a measure of the progress made by students during their time at King James).  This means that students attending King James’ achieved a quarter of a grade more than was expected, on average, across all of their best eight subjects in Year 11.  Students in our Sixth Form also achieved very positive value added, meaning that they too exceeded expected outcomes.

At King James we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of the learning experiences we offer and we employ specialist staff to ensure that all of our children are well cared for and supported.  We are keen to work in close partnership with our parents and we work hard to ensure that our students enjoy all aspects of their education.

We are the home of BATH; a world class community group supporting the development of so much more than the Drama and Dance skills they use.  We have also developed a partnership with Sunderland AFC through their Foundation of Light; they are supporting both curricular and extra-curricular sports provision.

We are an inclusive school and we employ a large number of highly skilled support staff who are available to help all of our students to prosper.  From our Student Support Workers who provide day to day support to students to our Learning Support team we are a caring school.  We also employ a School Counsellor and other support staff who help students to be prepared and able to learn.

Our International School Award reflects our belief in learning beyond the classroom and our Vision Magazine celebrates the variety we offer and the many achievements of our students.

King James I Community works closely in partnership with our local schools and the local community to provide a venue for a large range of community-led educational and leisure activities.

Our children take part in a range of activities beyond the school day and there is a seamless connection between the school and community activities which take place on the Academy site.  Students benefit from an Enrichment period at the end of every day, other than Friday, that provides them with the opportunity to develop new interests and to extend their learning.

King James offers a wealth of opportunities, which help our students to thrive and achieve excellent outcomes and which help us to provide "learning to inspire".

Should you require a copy of Vision or any further information then please contact the Main Reception and ask for Karen Sams, or if you are interested in visiting King James then please do not hesitate to make personal contact with me.

Best wishes.

Nick Grieveson