Durham Learning Gateway (DLG)

Help for the Durham Learning Gateway

What is the DLG?

The Academy’s Durham Learning Gateway(DLG) is a way for Students to access homework, and learning resources from any device equipped with internet access, and for their parents to actively follow their child’s education and development.


Parents are able to monitor their child’s attendance, behaviour, and homework as well as keep up with the latest News and Events from within the Academy.

If you would like to take advantage of this free service please contact the Academy on 01388 603388 or contact us via the Contact Page


All students will have been issued with DLG usernames and passwords upon them starting at King James I Academy. Students are able to log in to the DLG from school or home to access their currently assigned homework, and a wide variety learning resources.

Forgotten or Last Passwords


If you have forgotten or lost your login details for the DLG please contact the Academy by telephone on 01388 603388, by email at kingjames@durhamlearning.net or via the Contact Page. Please include a contact telephone number with your inquiry.

The Academy Operator may ask you a few verification questions before releasing any new login details.


If you have forgotten or misplaced your login details for the DLG please visit the ICT Office upstairs in the Rawe Building during normal school hours.