Tiny Roots

closed until further notice

RTS Theatre is predominately a drama group that focuses on building confidence, self esteem and most of all having a fun time whilst performing. The group meets once a week and explores a genre of theatre tasks such as comedy, serious, silent drama and focus work to name a few. Whilst exploring these genres each week the group builds skills that help our young people, not only in the world of the arts, but gives them skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is a group where knowledge and skills are passed on through the groups from our older group members. They are the ones who remember what it feels like on your first night of performing and support each other remarkably on their journey through the groups. Each year we perform our annual Christmas show at King James I Academy which consists of members from Roots Drama and Lil Roots, we often perform a dance show in the summer term, showing what we have been developing over the last year. Overall it is a outstanding group of people who come together to perform and create memories.


Roots Drama - Every Tuesday from 4pm-6pm for ages 14 to 18

Lil Roots - Every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm for ages 11 to 14

RTS Dance - Every Thursday from 4pm-5pm for ages 11 to 18

Tiny Roots - Every Thursday from 5pm-6:30pm for ages 5 to 11


For information about Roots Drama or Lil Roots please contact:

Mr Murgatroyd - t.murgatroyd@kingjames1academy.com - Roots Drama

Miss Hymas -                                 - Tiny Roots. 

If you can't get through to Mr Murgatroyd or Miss Hymas, please leave a message on the king james community system.

Contact number- 01388 603388  you will be asked to press 2 for community sessions  

Contact email- KJCommunity@kj1a.com